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Attention! They’re just irresistible
We know this smell at the DOM or funfair (Kirmes), just the thought of these familiar smells immediately catapults us back into our childhood.
‘ I’m running the water in my mouth together if I just think about it ‘
Since the middle of the 19th century, visitors have been happy to taste homemade confectionery, the Veldkamp family.
The idea for these special Hamburg gold almonds was also born on the Heiligengeist field:
In doing so, we, the descendants of Anna Wilhelmine Catharina Veldkamp, honor our dear “Mother Veldkamp.”
A woman with gold in her heart.
More than 100 years of experience in the production of sugar products is the most important ingredient for our crispy Hamburg gold almonds.
The fresh almonds are burned with little sugar according to an old family recipe passed down from generation to generation.
In memory of “Mother Veldkamp,” we pan the almonds in 22-carat gold leaf.
Thus, a cathedral specialty becomes a very special luxury pleasure.
Buy burnt almonds – buy lace bags or in the glass?
In our shop you have different ways to buy burnt almonds.
Either in lace bags (sustainable packaging made from 100% paper) or in the glass.
Why no almonds from California?
As a special innovation, we only use Spanish organic Largueta almond known for their more intense taste with organic raw cane sugar for our burnt specialities.
Largueta almonds are a very high-quality strain with an intense aroma grown in Spain.
The almonds have a flat shape, are darker and have a velvety surface.
Is “Mother Veldkamp” Vegan, too?
Our nut varieties are suitable for the vegan diet as they contain many nutrients and are made without preservatives, flavors and animal products.
How do burnt almonds stay fresh and crisp?
We are often asked how our burnt almonds stay best fresh and crisp.
It is important that the broken packs of burnt almonds are sealed airtight.
By the way, our burnt almonds in the glass are airtight by the glass, you don’t have to refill them.

Attention! The burnt almonds of “Mother Veldkamp” are delicious. They’re just irresistible! Promised.
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