Hamburg Gold Almonds – Family tradition since 1821 by produkttest-suite

Since the middle of the 19th century, visitors have been tasting homemade confectionery at Veldkamps, Hamburg’s oldest showman family.
The tradition and recipes still exist today.
Meanwhile, Tom Veldkamp leads the Gerd Brechelt KG and thus “mother Veldkamp”. But not only as a showman, they have made a name, but also as a manufacturer of Hamburg gold almonds. The idea for these special Hamburg golden almonds was born on the Heiligengeistfeld: In this way they, the descendants of Anna Wilhelmine Catharina Veldkamp, honor their dear “Mother Veldkamp” – a woman with gold in her heart.
Over 100 years of experience in the production of sugar confectionery is the most important ingredient for these crispy Hamburg almonds. The fresh almonds are made according to an old family recipe passed on from generation to generation with little sugar.
As a special innovation only Spanish organic almonds with organic raw cane sugar are used for the fired specialties.
The nut varieties are suitable for the vegan diet because they contain many nutrients and are produced without preservatives, flavors and animal products.
The almonds are stable for at least 8 months without preservatives and are supervised by the Öko-Kontrollstelle (DE-ÖKO-009).
To commemorate Mother Veldkamp, they roast the almonds in 22-carat gold leaf.
Thus, a cathedral specialty becomes a very special and healthy luxury treat.

Do you also love the scent of freshly roasted almonds in the Christmas and other markets?
This smell attracts us again and again magically and therefore we were very happy about these test products.
I did not think the differences could be that serious, because I can say by a long shot that these are the tastiest almonds and nuts I’ve ever tasted.
Not only the taste and the consistency of the wrapping are great. Often these are pretty crisp not to say hard, so you have to worry about your teeth. Everything is just right here, the ingredients and the crisp but by no means too hard shell.
The nuts & Co. have a brilliant color and the taste is exquisite – we all came to the same positive test result. Rarely have we all been so united because our tastes are often very different.
I could get into a rave …
First, we have the “normal” (if you want to call them so, because the already mentioned shell is phenomenal) tested.
Of course, well dosed and under my supervision, because with such delicious sweets you have to intervene occasionally, so you get even something else.
You really have to try them!
The 3 deluxe decorative varieties are meanwhile well known far outside of Hamburg and for many as coveted souvenirs popular.
The burned organic cashew with black sesame are already a visual eye-catcher. So far, I knew only the light sesame, which is very different in taste from this black. Cashew and sesame harmonize perfectly with each other and provide a special kick – incredibly delicious.

The Mumbai almonds already show on the label that it is an oriental seasoning.
The scent is as intense as if you were in an oriental bazaar – a real fragrance explosion.
The taste is exceptional, slightly spicy and spicy by the ginger, the other spices can also taste good.
A completely new taste experience – also very tasty.
But most of all we were looking forward to the absolute luxury almonds – with 22 carat gold – the real Hamburg gold almonds.
Now many will think gold is worn as jewelery and does not eat it.
But this is a completely harmless luxury product, which was previously known for its healing properties.
Whereby it takes a little overcoming to eat the precious gold leaf. I think it’s almost a pity to snack on it.
This does not mean that it does not taste – on the contrary, fine tuned with a cinnamon note, they are also very tasty – but then the gold is also gone.
In summary, I or we can recommend the almond and nut varieties or specialties without restriction.
They are not just eye candy, they also taste incredibly delicious.
The crisp, delicate covers have impressed us, they are really perfect.
I can only recommend you to taste the very delicious assortment yourself or to give away.
With e.g. A glass of golden almonds gives you a special gift that everyone will be happy about.
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