Organic Brazil Nuts 100g (cornet)


Attention! The roasted almonds of “Mother Veldkamp” are delicious.
They are simply irresistible.
As traditional as Mother Veldkamp are our organic toppings.

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As traditional as Mother Veldkamp are our organic toppings.
How easy, you can see on the ingredients list: organic nuts, organic pipe sugar … and a good hand when burning!
Nothing at all! – Nevertheless, the result is a simple, soft taste with a not too sweet, full nut note!
Available are organic Largueta almonds – organic cashew nuts – organic Brazil nuts and organic peanuts. Let yourself be surprised


Content: 100 grams (€ 4.50 * / 100 grams)
incl. VAT., excl. Shipping costs
Ready to ship, delivery time approx. 2-3 working days
Gluten free
GMO Free
Without preservative substances
Without additives
Organic nuts
Organic Brazil Nuts roasted * (60,00%), Sugar (40,00%)
Made in Germany
Ingredients: not EU agriculture
Origin of the main ingredient (s)
Various countries, Brazil, Peru
storage Information
Store cool and dry
The expiration date (MHD) is guaranteed for 6 months, when properly stored.
Allergy Advice: In-house production and production, Handmade produced, processed organic almond cashew Brazil nut (ground) nuts and nuts.

Average nutritional value per 100g
Calorific value in kJ (kcal) 2461,9 (588)
Fat 41.2g
from that:
saturated fatty acids 9,85g
Carbohydrates 43.3g
from that:
Sugar 41.2g
protein 8.6g
Salt 0.007g
fiber 4.9g

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