Hamburg & Vegan Lentil Roast in Butternut by Blogger Lena Suhr

Christmas post from Hamburg & vegan lentil roast in butternut

Many creative companies have found their home in Hamburg. Small factories that offer the most beautiful products, far away from the interchangeable mass-produced goods.

Products in which there is a considerable amount of passion and which are looking for a nice home in Hamburg from the huge world. Products that tell stories.

I would like to introduce you to a few of these companies today, because perhaps you are looking for a quick one or the other special gift for your loved one?

Also, I’ve been able to tie two bulging packages, which are to win …

This post is part of the Blogger Advent Calendar Vegan Edition. Yesterday you managed to open a door with Franziska von

Where’s the vegetable rack? open tomorrow and it goes on with Angelika von Bissen for the conscience.


Excerpt from the BLOG:

Mother Veldkamp – According to history, “Mother Veldkamp”,

who ran a sugar trade on the Winter Dome, a woman with gold in her heart, for she stood up for orphans from Hamburg.

Descendants therefore honored them with the Hamburg gold almonds, which are prepared with edible gold leaf.

All nuts, always prepared according to traditional recipes and with organic ingredients, from roasted peanuts to Mumbai almonds, are suitable for vegans and fortunately also available online.

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