Hamburger Gold Almonds 120g


To commemorate “Mother Veldkamp”, we wave the almonds in 22-carat gold leaf.
This is how a cathedral specialty turns into a very special luxury treat.
Attention! They are simply irresistible.

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As part of our organic certification, we have decided to burn the Hamburg gold almond with organic almonds and organic raw cane sugar.
Most of our Spanish organic almonds are algae kernels of the Largueta variety. Since no variety purity can be guaranteed for organic farming, we point out, however, as a precaution, that possibly a Spanish organic almond of another variety may have smuggled into the selection.
Although the edible gold leaf does not allow us to declare our Hamburg Goldmandel as a pure organic product, we naturally take care to burn only with ingredients of the highest quality and the best taste.
In our search for new recipes and ingredients we had to find strong deviations in taste from organic cinnamon admixtures, which were not beneficial. Since this is not a designated organic product, we will stick to our original cinnamon spice for better taste until further notice.

Raw deal Largueta
Our specially used almond Largueta has a very characteristic elongated shape and exceptional organoleptic properties; their sweet taste impresses even the spoiled palate. In Spain, it is used as a snack, with the skin roasted, because it is easy to strip.
The confectionery industry prefers largueta for the production of sweet almonds because it belongs to a large size class. The biggest demand for peeled Largueta for such processing is in Germany.
Consume gold
For some an unimaginable experience …
Gold is suitable for consumption.
The EU, Switzerland and the United States allow the use of gold in food.
In the food industry edible gold leaf is designated for consumption with the mark E175.

Content: 120 grams of glass (9.08 € * / 100 grams)
incl. VAT., excl. Shipping costs
Ready to ship, delivery time approx. 2-3 working days
Gluten free
GMO Free
Without preservative substances
Without additives
Organic nuts
Organic almonds * distilled (60.4%), sugar (39.6%)
Made in Germany
Ingredients: not EU agriculture
Origin of the main ingredient (s)
Various countries, Spain – Brazil
storage Information
Store cool and dry
The expiration date (MHD) is guaranteed for 6 months, when properly stored.
Allergy Advice: In-house production and production, Handmade produced, processed organic almond cashew

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g
Calorific value in kJ (kcal) 2186 (526)
Fat 33g
from that:
saturated fat 3.0g
Carbohydrates 46.6g
from that:
Sugar 39.6g
Protein 4,3g
Salt <0.025g fiber 12.5g