Why is the Hamburg Dom actually called Dom?

We have often asked ourselves that. North Germany’s well-known folk festival has little to do with a sacred building at first sight. But the anecdote about the unusual name is already as old as the fair itself.

The story goes back to the 11th century, when jugglers and showmen began to organize a market in the Mariendom. Clearly a thorn in the eye of the archbishop. But all attempts to expel the “colorful people”, failed because of the protest of the Hamburg, who loved their cathedral even then as much as today. Since then, a visit is a must – but for locals and visitors alike.

In addition to the Ferris wheel, the stalls and the traditional Friday fireworks, a culinary specialty is indispensable for the special “Dom-Feeling” – we are talking about Mutter Veldkamp’s roasted almonds. We owe it to the crispy-sweet delicacies Anna Wilhelmine Catharina Veldkamp, who at the end of the 19th century produced them in their legendary Dom Café according to a secret family recipe.

The genius: Since 2010, we no longer have to wait eagerly for each cathedral season, but get us with the “Hamburg gold almonds” from mother Veldkamp the fragrant carnival enjoyment home. Produced according to the original recipe and in organic quality, as a tribute to the inventor refined with 22-carat gold leaf, we can now order it packed in practical glasses throughout the year at selected online stores.

For those who love experimentation: In addition to the traditional classic, the exotic creations such as organic cashew nuts with black sesame seeds or the oriental spiced Mumbai almonds are also highly recommended. Lina Hauschildt

Source:  https://www.fundstuecke.de/hamburger-goldmandeln